Hacker Claims to Have Decrypted Apple SEP Firmware

Apple’s firmware has been decrypted by hacker the id XERUB. He recently claimed to have fully decrypted Apple SEP. The hacked firmware means the Touch ID transactions are not secure anymore. This makes the SEP vulnerable.

Ever since Touch ID has been introduced, there’s a tiny coprocessor in the S-series and now A-series processor chips. It runs on its own and generates device’s unique ID (UID) which is further secured by another process. All in the form of a firmware.

It is a big deal because of the hacker, Xerub, said that the process is reverse engineered to access people’s data including passwords and personal records. He further added that Apple’s job is to make the firmware as secure as possible. He also mentions there’s a lot of additional work needed to exploit the decrypted firmware to actually access people’s data.

An Apple spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that it’s not easy to compromise customer data. The hacker has only been able to decrypt the firmware. There are several levels of security encryption layers involved. The hackers only find the flaws and dig deeper from there.

Apple does not plan to release a firmware fix or patch for now, but hopefully, they will soon. Since the security encryption is an ongoing process. If Apple doesn’t patch the SEP firmware soon, there might be chances that hackers can gain access to Touch IDs, passwords, or cause scams in their favor.

Xerub tweeted the news adding up the decryption process along with the link to use, decrypt and process it. But regular users like ourselves shouldn’t be worried because iOS has one of the best security encryptions available for data. Just make sure that your phone is updated to the latest version.

Vulnerabilities in the system is a potential to improve and make it safer. Do you believe the Apple’s security measures can be compromised just like that? Let us know in the comments section below.