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Deck Nine Releases Life Is Strange Deluxe Edition Trailer, Includes Bonus Episodes

Deck Nine Games has released a trailer for the Life Is Strange Deluxe Edition, which includes both the Life Is Strange: Before The Storm miniseries and a bonus episode called “Farewell”, which takes you into the shoes of a younger Max Caulfield as she moves away to Seattle for five years.

Max moving away serves as the catalyst of Before The Storm, which focuses on Max’s best friend Chloe Price and her adventures with her friend Rachel Amber in the intervening time between “Farewell” and the original Life Is Strange series. This would later tie into the events that turned Chloe away from the kind and obedient daughter she was in a flashback in the original game into the rebellious party girl she is in the main game.

In addition to the bonus episode, the Life Is Strange Deluxe Edition trailer also shows that there will be numerous outfits that Chloe will be able to wear during the game, unlike the original game where Max seemed to be limited to one outfit for most of the game. These three outfits include Hawt Dawg Man, Punk Doe, and Illuminati-style outfits.

Along with a bonus episode and various new outfits to try on, the game also comes with a special “Mixtape Mode”. The Mixtape Mode will allow you to design your own playlist from the game’s soundtrack and then listen to it along with a cinematic scene from the game.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will be coming out in an episodic format, and so will be staggered in its releases. The first episode will be coming out on August 31, while Episode 2 will be coming out in October and Episode 3 will be coming out in December. The game will be playable on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, so try and pick up the Life Is Strange Deluxe Edition if you want all the content it has with it.