Gwent Ranked Season Ends Next Week, Exclusive Ladder Type Teased

Nearly three months after entering open beta, the current ranked season of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is just days away from its conclusion.

Posting on the official website, the developer confirmed that players have until August 27 to grind as many points as possible. In comparison to the previous ranked seasons during the closed beta, the ongoing competitive race is taking an additional month to close out.

The best players at the end of the season will be rewarded with exclusive frames and titles, as well as a unique avatar that shows Imlerith without his iconic helmet. The six different tiers of rewards also feature their own titles that players can use to show off when they start competing in the next season.

Once the season resets next week, all players will carry forward just 25 percent of points that were earned beforehand. That will be used to determine the rank that players start with in the next season.

According to community manager Pawel Burza, there is a special new ladder type that all Gwent players must be aware of. The developer is not going into details just yet, saving the announcement for its panel at Gamescom 2017 later this month. For now, players just need to know that reaching rank 20 or 21 during this season will mean access to the new ladder in the next season. This does not mean that players must finish with the desired rank, as long as it was reached at any point during the season.