AMD Vega Chips Have Different Heights And Finish Quality, Could Impact Custom Variants

Some new information regarding the AMD Vega chips has come into the spotlight and it seems that there are two different kinds of chips and they differ in height of the die and quality of the finish. While this might not seem to be a huge concern it is important to note that partners will be designing their custom cooling solutions based on these AMD Vega chips.

If there is a difference in the AMD Vega Chips, then this could cause the die to be damaged when the mass produced cooling solutions are fixed and later used by the consumer. This could be one of the reasons why the custom versions have not been announced yet. It is possible that the partners know of this concern.

This information has been brought to light by reviewers that have noticed the difference in dies and digging deeper it seems that these AMD Vega Chips have been produced by two companies. One of which chose to polish the modules while the other did not. Hence the difference in finish quality. You can check out the difference between the AMD Vega chips below:

AMD Vega Chips

Thermal material could be used by partners in order to counter this issue. While this solution would be inexpensive, we will have to see how effective it will be. There has been no official statement from AMD regarding the matter yet. You can find more images here.

It is safe to say that choosing to go with HBM2 memory is taking its toll and people are not too pleased with the new MSRP of the AMD Vega GPUs. It will be interesting to see what AMD has to say about this concern and we will let you know once there is a public statement regarding the matter.

Let us know what you think about the difference in the AMD Vega chips and whether or not you are interested in buying an AMD Vega GPU.