Wolfenstein 2 Dual Wielding Has Been Enhanced By MachineGames

One of the many things that the Halo series brought to the first person shooter scene was the ability to dual-wield various combinations of weapons in order to enhance your firepower. Wolfenstein: The New Order brought back dual-wielding, and it seems Wolfenstein 2 dual wielding is also going to be in the game.

Considering the large number of heavily armored and durable enemies that you had to fight over the course of The New Order, ranging from the huge armored Panzerhunds to the durable Supersoldaten, dual-wielding was a must for players to be able to dish out more damage than a singular weapon could, and Wolfenstein 2 is no exception.

As players move to America to have a second American Revolution against Nazi tyranny, MachineGames talked about some of the enhancements that they’ve made to the Wolfenstein 2 dual wielding system. For instance, now you’ll be able to use even more combinations, such as a silenced weapon in one hand and a louder weapon in the other, or two shotguns, or something else.

With the different enemies you’ll likely be facing off against in Wolfenstein 2, which may be some old “friends” like the Panzerhund or new enemies that we haven’t seen yet, we may be making use of more dual wielding weapon sin order to overcome various obstacles, even with the huge amount of weapons you could pick up in The New Order.

Along with the adjustments to Wolfenstein 2 dual wielding, players will also be getting new toys. For instance, instead of the knife that served as our melee weapon in The New Order, BJ will be getting a hatchet instead, which will help deal more damage to enemies (and hopefully avoid the stupid “stabbing contest” minigame some Nazis pulled you into). Players will also be able to ride Panzerhunds for fiery results.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will be releasing on October 27 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.