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Undertale PS4 Port Now Available To Download, Get TobyFox’s Masterpiece

If you’re one of the people who either want to play Undertale again on a different platform or want to play the game again, the Undertale PS4 port is now available, meaning you can get one of the best RPGs of 2015 on the Playstation 4 to experience the game all over again.

Undertale tells the story of a nameless human (who you can name) as they make their way through a kingdom of monsters after falling into a pit inside a mountain. There, you meet a colorful cast of characters, including the motherly Toriel, the skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus, and the over-the-top Undyne.

The game got critical acclaim despite its simplistic visuals, with particular praise going to its characters, writing, and thematic elements, which advocated pacifism in order to achieve the best ending. It also won numerous Game of the Year awards from a number of publications.

The Undertale PS4 port gives gamers that haven’t been able to experience the game (whether due to a lack of a PC or even one that can’t run the not-intensive-at-all game) a chance to try it out. Players that pre-ordered the Playstation 4 version of the game will also be getting a dynamic Undertale PS4 theme.

If you want more out of the game than just the theme (which also includes a new minute-long song composed by TobyFox), you’ll have to wait until September for a Collector’s Edition created by Fangamer, which will also be releasing a physical version of the game. The Colelctor’s Edition includes a music box locket, a 24-page book showing the game’s intro, a sheet music booklet for the game’s music, and a soundtrack disc with cover art.

So, whether you wnat to buy it now or not, the Undertale PS4 port is ready to be picked up on PSN.