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Titanfall Assault Deck Building Guide – What to Upgrade, Diversify, Managing Supply Costs

In this Titanfall Assault Deck Building Guide, we bring you some helpful tips and tricks that you should know about building a card deck in Titanfall Assault. Titanfall Assault is a card battling game and one of the most important things to do in it is to build the perfect deck.

Without a well-made deck, you can never win in Titanfall Assault. We have curated this Titanfall Assault Deck Building Guide so you can build the ultimate deck in order to own the competition and boast about your cards in front of others.

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Titanfall Assault Deck Building Guide

Titanfall Assault Deck Building Guide details everything that you should know in order to build the perfect deck in Titanfall Assault.

Titanfall Assault Deck Building Tips and Strategies

Use Low Cost Titans

This is very important. Titans are very helpful during battles as they can take a lot of beating. Due to this nature, they are excellent defenders and you must use them in order to defend your captured Hardpoints from the enemies but keep this in mind that you must not spend too much on Titans.

Most of the Titan cards are very expensive and if you choose to have them then you will not be able to use a diverse amount of cards and it will seriously hinder your battle capabilities.

When building a deck, you must always use low-cost Titans, as they are good for defending in battles. They will work just fine and with the low-cost Titans, you can deploy many other units as well that can support these weaker Titans and you will be better at other battle tactics such as offense.

We recommend that you opt for low-cost Titans as they open up a possibility of using more units in the same supply cost that a single high-cost Titan would have taken. It may even happen that your expensive Titan is overcrowded by a large of smaller enemy units, which would make your Titan useless.

Upgrade the Right Cards

You will never use all the cards in the battle ever. No matter how tough the battle is, sometimes some cards will remain in your deck never to be used. You will spend all your currency in buying and upgrading your cards and earning currency is no easy job in Titanfall Assault.

Therefore, when you upgrade your cards, you must focus on the cards that you use most of the times or have used them frequently in the past. As you level up, upgrading the cards will get harder and harder and a time will come when you will no longer be able to upgrade your cards without paying real-life money.

Therefore, when you upgrade your cards, you must ignore the never-used or seldom-used cards. You must focus on upgrading the most used cards. This will you will always have your upgraded cards and will never be worried about not having enough money to upgrade your frequently used cards.

Understand the Cards Better

Titanfall Assault is a card battling game and you will spend most of the time building your ultimate deck. For this, it is very important that you know each card. Otherwise, you will not be able to build the ultimate deck. You must know about the three classes of cards in the game and also their strengths and weakness.

Once you are aware of the cards in the game, only then will you be able to build the ultimate deck in the game. The game also has a practice mode so you can check your deck in the practice mode. Play a few practice rounds and get familiar with the cards.

Once you are truly satisfied with a card and you know about how you can use it most effectively, only then add it to your deck If you are happy with the deck during practice mode, swap out certain cards and keep on experimenting until you build your ultimate deck.

Build a Deck for Diverse Situations

In Titanfall Assault. No two battles are going to be the same. Every battle will be unique and every opponent will be unique as every opponent will be a real player and each will have his or her own play style. Some play offensive while some play offensive. Therefore, to be successful in this such a situation, you must have a diverse card deck to handle all the situations.

Diverse situations call for different units. Sometimes you will be required to battle head on, sometimes hit and run while sometimes you will need to defend your hard-won Hardpoints.

To counter all such situations, your deck must have suitable cards. Therefore, it is vital that you build a card deck that is suited for a diverse range of situations.

Manage your Card Supply Costs

One last thing that you must remember while building your perfect deck is the Supply Cost. Every card in the game will cost you a certain Supply Cost.

The more expensive the card is, the better it is. However, depending on the situation an expensive card is not always useful. For example, an expensive Titan can be easily taken with the help of much cheaper smaller units if they surround a titan.

So when you are building a perfect card deck, you must make sure that you keep an eye on the Supply Costs that the cards require as well. Maintain a balance between low cost and expensive cards and try to include more cheap cards instead of just expensive cards because they will be more helpful in battles. More cheap units are always better than a single expensive unit is.

This concludes our Titanfall Assault Deck Building Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!