Shadowverse Deck Building Guide – Tech Choices, Deck Archetypes, Synergy

In this Shadowverse Deck Building Guide, we have listed some tips and strategies that you must keep in mind when building your card deck.

Shadowverse is a unique card battling game and it requires a steep learning curve as it has many complex systems that you must understand beforehand. We have listed all the important aspects that must keep in mind in this Shadowverse Deck Building Guide so you can build the ultimate deck and own the competition in Shadowverse.

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Shadowverse Deck Building Guide

Shadowverse Deck Building Guide details everything that you need to know about cards, decks and how to build the ultimate card deck in Shadowverse.

Shadowverse Deck Building Tips and Strategies

Select a Suitable Deck Archetype

Deck Archetype is the Shadowverse’s term for the card deck type. Choosing a deck archetype means which type of cards you can select in your deck.

All the stats and the functions of the cards are based on the archetype that you have chosen to go with. As this is a totally new feature for a card battler game, you must understand this before you actually select a card deck.

There are three types of Deck Archetypes in the game. They are Aggro, Control, and Midrange. All these Archetypes are unique and they each have different cards. Aggro has cheap cards mostly 1-4 cost follower cards and has a few removal tools.

Control has the most expensive cards and many removal tools. Midrange feature mid cost cards and a medium number of removal tools. Based on these stats, you must decide your gameplay style. Choose a Deck Archetype and then you can finally build a deck from its cards.

Choose between Builders or Removers

When you are building your deck, you will be choosing between two types of cards. Builders and Removers. Builders are the cards that help building and making your own board strong. Removers affect your opponent’s board and remove their board. When you are building your deck, you must maintain a balance between them both so that you can use the required card when the situation arises.

Each deck archetype has plenty of remover and builder cards. Therefore, you must compare them with each other and use the best ones out of all for your deck.

Study Each Card Individually!

You must know what each card does in your deck individually. Study each card before adding thoroughly. By doing this you will know the strengths and weaknesses of each card and you can play them according to their stats.

Each card has its own unique defense, attack, usefulness and power stat. Study each card carefully and only if you are happy with it, then add the card to your deck.

Choose the Best Card of the Same Value

Each Deck Archetype has many cards that have the same cost but they differ in stats and features. You must study each card and know which ones are the best bang for the buck card out of all.

Maintain a balance between all types of factors involved and make sure that you have the best of the cards value-wise. Compare cards of the same value together and their stats will give you an idea about which card to keep and which card to discard.

Maintain Synergy between Cards

It is very important that all your cards in the deck have synergy between them. Individually cards may be good but when combined with other cards in your deck, they must gain some sort of a boost.

While building your deck, you must make sure that your cards have synergy between them so you can easily enhance their stats by combining them with each other. This is an important tactic for gaining an edge over your opponent.

Compare the Tech Choices

With the ability of selecting Tech choices, you can simply choose a card that you want to switch and choose a card that can counter your opponent’s specific tactics in its place.

These are the tech choices for your cards. You can select as many tech cards as you would like. Keep in mind they will not always work and each tech card can only be used effectively against certain decks.

Therefore, make sure you have a good deck with some effective tech cards in it as well as they really help you win the match if they are against the best opposing decks.

This concludes our Shadowverse Deck Building Guide. If you have anything to add to the guide, feel free to use the comments section below!