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Shadowverse Beginners Guide – Best Classes, Custom Decks, Arena Mode, Free Rewards

Shadowverse is a unique game of the card-battling genre. It has tons of unique features and hence we have curated this Shadowverse Beginners Guide. In this Shadowverse Beginners Guide, we have listed a lot of trips and tricks that you can read and learn about the game.

With the help of this Shadowverse Beginners Guide, you will know about all the classes in the game and some important elements of the game such as the singleplayer campaign of the game. We have briefly detailed all the features of the game in this Shadowverse Beginners Guide.

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Shadowverse Beginners Guide

Shadowverse Beginners Guide details everything you need to know about Shadowverse.

Shadowverse Beginners Guide – Tips and Strategies

Play Each Class’s Campaign

Each class has a singleplayer campaign that you must play if you are new to the game. Every class is unique and has its own set of abilities and skills. Playing their single player campaign will teach you the strengths and weaknesses of all the classes and they are a big help for you to jumpstart the game and learning the basics of each class.

Know Your Class!

Shadowverse has seven classes in total. They are Fairy, Royal, Wizard, Dragon, The necromancer, the vampire, and Bishop. Each of these classes is unique and has their own set of abilities and skills.

It is vital that you get to know these classes before and then you start building your ultimate deck. Each class has its own strengths and weakness; it is up to you how you get to know the classes.

You can either play their singleplayer campaign, which is the recommended way of being acquainted with the classes; however, you can play practice matches too with AI opponents practice with different classes.

Play in the Arena

After you have honed your skills, you must try out your skills in the arena. Battle it out with other players in the arena. You will require tickets but if you have played the single player campaigns, you will have plenty of tickets and experience to play in the Arena.

Use Custom Decks

Shadowverse allows you to buy pre-made decks but we highly recommend that you build your own decks. If you use pre-made decks, then you will have no idea what each card does and what is the purpose of having that card in the game.

When you build your own deck, you keep many things in view when you add a card to your deck. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer using custom built decks instead of pre-made decks.

Get Free Rewards

You get free card packs and other rewards for linking your account with your social media accounts. This is a very easy method of obtaining rewards and free card packs. You must use it to your benefit, link your social accounts with the game account, and get exclusive rewards.

This concludes our Shadowverse Beginners Guide. If you want to add something to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!