Samsung T5 SSD Introduced, A Portable Drive With A Size Of An Average “Business Card”

SSDs have become the modern day’s standard for storing data. The storage drives are becoming faster and cheaper every year. Most of the computers are now equipped with a USB 3.1 port to take advantage of these fast drives. Now, a new portable Samsung T5 SSD has been released, which is a successor of the T3.

Having Data transfer speeds up to 530 MB/s, the performance is greater than SAMSUNG’s SATA SSDs for the desktop but, somewhat slower than the M.2 Drive. The Samsung T5 SSD uses the NVMe form factor and uses a USB Type-C port to transfer data.

However, computer users not having a USB 3.1 Gen2 port don’t need to worry. Samsung provides an adapter, such as USB Type-C to C cable. USB Type-C to A cable

These portable SSDs are much smaller than the standard 2.5-inch laptop size drive. As per Samsung’s information, the T5 is the size of an average business card and weighs 51grams.

Samsung T5 SSD comes with an AES 256bit encryption for those who value the security of the data and also provides 3 years warranty. Samsung claims that the T5 is strong enough to resist a drop from 3 meters of height.

T5 SSD comes in 4 different sizes 256GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. The first two in Alluring Blue color, the last two in Deep Black color. The prices are quite high for the large size versions with 500GB costing 200$, 1TB for 400$ and 2TB for 800$. The smallest one (256GB) is for 130$.

The 2TB version is made for professionals, hobbyist, and enthusiasts that need the extra space and time-saving performance for their critical uses such as, video editors and photographers will benefit from it greatly with 4K videos or large amounts of RAW format photo galleries will load rapidly, compared to other portable drives and sharing will become a lot faster.