PUBG Overtakes League of Legends on Twitch… For Now

The growth of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to impress everyone. It is already one of the most watched games on Twitch since it was released through early access over four months ago. Now, it has managed to achieve yet another remarkable feat.

According to Gamoloco, a third-party platform that monitors viewership data on Twitch, more hours of PUBG were watched by audiences last week than the mighty League of Legends. It was the second-most watched game on Twitch for the week starting on August 6 with 16.9 million hours. League of Legends came just behind at 15 million. The leader of the lot was Dota 2 with 30.6 million hours. However, that was expected since it was hosting The International 7 for the duration.

“It’s key to understand here that no AAA industry blockbuster even came close to that kind of performance on Twitch,” reads the report. “And no other ‘top tier esports candidate,’ including the highly-heralded Overwatch, got close either.”

This is the first time in over three years that a non-esports game has jumped over League of Legends on Twitch. Trends dictate that viewers are usually funneled through based on whatever top tournament is being conducted. PUBG, however, had no such thing going on for it in the last week. On the other hand, League of Legends held the summer playoffs for the European League Championship Series (EU LCS).

A couple of days ago, the active community of PUBG registered more than 600,000 concurrent players on Steam. This accounted for a new all-time peak for the game, surpassing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and falling just behind Dota 2 during the period. It also extended the impressive record of the game as the third-highest peak player count in the history of Steam.

PUBG is currently hoping for an official release later this year, by which it should also arrive for the Xbox One.