New Nintendo Switch Dock Also Projects Your Games Onto Any Surface

Want to plug your Nintendo Switch in and play it somewhere, but you don’t have a screen to plug the console into? A new Nintendo Switch dock might be able to solve that problem. The dock, called the OJO, aims to allow you to play a docked Nintendo Switch anywhere you want.

The OJO is a combination of a Nintendo Switch dock and a projector, which allows you to project a 120-inch screen at 200 lumens on any available surface. The device also has stereo speakers, a 20,000Ah lithium battery, and every port that you need in order to plug things in.

Previous attempts at making a more portable Switch dock that would allow players to be able to easily carry around their entire Switch, something that was previously much more difficult due to the size of the Switch dock (not to mention the dock’s other problems). And, apparently, it’s already being worked on.

According to YesOJO, the company that’s building the dock, the new Nintendo Switch dock is going to be funded through Indiegogo, and the company plans to have sold 100,000 units by next year. However, whether or not this will actually come to pass remains to be seen.

While the Nintendo Switch is a very popular console, a lot of people are normally only going to stick the console in the dock when they have to recharge it. However, people who travel a lot and want to play their Switch in the dock on, say, a wall in an unused room like at a convention may find a use for it.

There’s also the issue of the device’s cost. There’s no information about how much the OJO will actually cost, meaning that even if it’s funded by the Indiegogo campaign it might still cost a lot to people (even if people who are interested that participate to a certain level in the funding campaign will automatically get one).

Either way, hopefully this new Nintendo Switch dock is as successful as YesOJO is hoping it is.