Battlefield 1 Premium Trials Go Live Again, Play DLC Maps for Free

The Battlefield 1 Premium Trials initiative seeks to offer players access to exclusive content without the need of owning a Premium Pass.

The opportunity to sample “all the great new content” released so far through expansion packs arrived for the first time in the last week of July. It has now returned again for a second round and will run through to August 21. During this time, players are free to experience all the multiplayer maps released with They Shall Not Pass. This includes Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux, Soissons, Rupture, Nivelle Nights, and Prise de Tahure.

Incidentally, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass has received a hefty discount across all three platforms. Players can test out the first expansion pack of the game and decide for themselves if the content is worthy enough for a purchase.

The timely release of new multiplayer maps as part of every expansion pack has been often raised as an issue by the community. It only leads to dividing the player-base between those who are willing to purchase the content and those who are bent on sticking with the default vanilla maps. The Battlefield 1 Premium Trials looks to bridge this gap. Though, it is for a limited period.

In the Name of the Tsar, the second expansion, is scheduled to launch next month. It will feature eleven new weapons, all locked behind a specific set of requirements that must be completed beforehand. You can go through them here.