Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Goes on Sale With 40 Percent Discount

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass has received a hefty discount across all three platforms as part of a “Player Appreciation Sale” by Electronic Arts (EA).

Origin on PC has slashed the price tag by 40 percent. PlayStation Network has done the same for the European player-base, while those in the United States can get 20 percent off through the PlayStation Plus membership. Over on the Xbox Live, a discount of 20 percent is available with disregard to regional borders.

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will remain on sale until August 25. Those who were interested in making a purchase but were waiting for a little push should definitley take advantage of the limited-time offer.

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass covers four expansion packs: They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. It also includes fourteen Superior Battlepacks and a two-week early access to all unreleased content. In addition, owners get to experience new multiplayer maps and weapons that arrive throughout the months. Most importantly, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass allows priority access to servers when queuing up for multiplayer matches. For more information on the offerings, head to the official website.

In the Name of the Tsar, the second expansion, is scheduled to launch next month. It will feature eleven new weapons, all locked behind a specific set of requirements that must be completed beforehand. You can go through them here.