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The Secret World TV Series Is In The Works And Jhonny Depp Is Producing It

Video games being adapted to movies and TV series is nothing new and The Secret World has joined the ranks among the game being adapted to a TV series. The Secret World TV series is being produced by Johnny Depp and his film production firm “Infinitum Nihil”.

The Secret World TV series is being written by Hook writer James V. Hart. The series will revolve around a team of undercover agents and will feature the war between secret societies the Illuminati, Dragon, and Templar which is line with the game’s lore.

These societies will fight against the mythical and supernatural beings and furthermore, the TV series will also delve into today’s conspiracies. Jhonny Depp along with Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar, Gudrun Giddings, and CSI: NY’s Pam Veasey will produce The Secret World TV series. According to Giddings:

“It’s one of the most character-driven and well-developed games I know of and naturally lends itself to fantastical storylines with intriguing characters, a thrilling and binge-worthy international TV show.

Sarkar added that “From the moment Gudrun first brought this to me, I loved this property. I live for conspiracy theory. I don’t believe it, but I love it. This is the secret story of the people who rule the people who rule the world.”

The Secret World recently relaunched as a free-to-play title and a shared world experience and was titled “Secret World Legends”. The game originally launched in 2012 and the game allows players to go in solo and even play the entire game that way.

Recently, anime series based on Castlevania was developed by Netflix which was also critically acclaimed. Also, an anime series based on Assassin’s Creed franchise is in the works.

The Secret World Legends in a free-to-play massively multiplayer RPG developed by Funcom for PC.