Rakan and Xayah Duo Was the First and Last for League of Legends

Riot Games surprised everyone by releasing two champions simultaneously for League of Legends earlier this year. Rakan, the Charmer, and Xayah, the Rebel, are part of a special duo that makes them inseparable and unlike any other champions released before.

The chimeric creatures known as the Vastaya share a bond with each other, resulting in unique interactions through voice lines and abilities. They are a pair, meaning that certain bonus effects come into play when both are present in the lane together. This does not mean that they cannot be played separately. Players are free to choose either of them in a match. However, it is only together that they bring to life a new synergy in League of Legends.

The community has naturally been wondering if Riot Games is working on another such duo and if there is the possibility of increasing the level of synergy to incorporate even more abilities. Unfortunately, the developer has no such plans for the immediate future.

“Although anything is possible we likely wouldn’t add another unique synergy between two champions,” stated Riot Games on the official website. “For one, the game would get very complicated very quickly if many champions had unique interactions that players had to keep track of, but more importantly, having these interactions are what makes Xayah & Rakan unique and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them.”

League of Legends has always focused on a clean design that is friendly for newcomers. From time to time, the developer does take a step back from that initiative to cater to the more hardcore players by bringing depth. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it might become a bit too crowded if there were several more such duos in League of Legends.

In addition, the lore matters a lot. Rakan and Xayah have extreme love for each other, which makes them inseparable. Riot Games will not add synergies between two champions just for the sake of it. Maybe not now, but perhaps in the future the writing team will come up with something unique that gives us another duo.