Pokemon Go Mewtwo Boss Guide – How To Find And Capture The Legendary Raid Pokemon

This Pokemon Go Mewtwo Guide will help players take on this boss Pokemon and hopefully add him to their roster after a fun fight.

Niantic finally added the legendary Mewtwo in Pokemon Go as a raid boss which the players can fight and if they are lucky, even capture for their own use. Mewtwo will be accessible exclusively through Raid battles so players will need to tackle him in a group of players before they can even hope to capture this legendary Psychic Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Mewtwo Boss

Currently, Mewtwo in Pokemon Go is only available through a recent Japanese event, however, Niantic will be adding him to the game pretty soon for everyone. Once they do, all the players can go in search for him and that is where this guide will come in handy if players don’t want to waste too many Pokeballs trying to catch him.

Since Mewtwo has a CP of 49,430 capturing him won’t be an easy task at all and nor should it be since he is a raid boss after all. Of course, if players know what they are doing and go in well prepared, they might be able to catch him with a right team and selection of counters.

As a Psychic Pokemon, Mewtwo takes extra damage from Dark, Bug and Ghost type Pokemon should players should have Pokemon like Gengar, Pinsir, Houndoom or Tyranitar in their party.

Tyranitar’s Bite and Crunch, Houndoom’s Snarl and Foul Play and Gengar’s Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are highly effective against Mewtwo. However, even with these Pokemon, it won’t be an easy task to take it down as begin a raid boss allows Mewtwo to deal some devastating damage.

An example of that is his Focus Blast which hits for 140 PWR which means players must dodge such attacks at all cost. While his Focus Blast deals massive damage to Tyranitar, the Dark type Pokemon also happens to be the best counter for the boss as others tend to be somewhat squishy and rely a lot on dodging attacks.

It is unclear what the capture rate for Mewtwo will be when the Pokemon goes live for normal players which is why players should be prepared for disappointment. Going by the past trend, which had Articuno with a capture rate of just 2%, it is highly likely that Mewtwo will have something similar.

Of course, players can increase their chances a bit by using Golden Razz Berries so it is a good idea to have a decent stock of them before attempting the raid.

Once players manage to defeat Mewtwo and capture it, possibly after a number of failed attempts, they can use it to attack Gyms however it can’t defend their own Gym.

This is all we currently have on Pokemon Go Mewtwo Boss Guide but if you would like to add more, share in the comments below!