Middle-earth: Shadow of War Endgame Is Much Better Than Shadow of Mordor’s

New information related to the Middle-earth: Shadow of War endgame has been released by Monolith, showing that we won’t get a disappointing ending to the game like Shadow of War was. Where Shadow of Mordor ended with an anticlimactic boss fight against Sauron, Shadow of War will have you fight off Sauron’s armies.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ended with Talion and five warchiefs he had branded marching on the Black Gate and fighting some of Sauron’s elite bodyguards. Considering many players expected a much more epic throwndown (especially given the quick-time even laden boss fight with the Black Hand), Shadow of War won’t have to do much to improve.

The most important feature of Middle-earth: Shadow of War is that Talion will be campaigning across Mordor with a custom army of orcs, slowly conquering more and more regions of Mordor by taking over fortresses ruled by Overlords. However, in the endgame, players will have to defend those fortresses from a counterattack by Sauron’s armies.

And it won’t be easy, either; everything you’ve put into those fortresses will be put to the test as Sauron’s armies attack them, and if they fall you’ll have to retake them along with rescuing the Orc you put in charge of the fortress when you took it. And, if you manage to win the siege and defend the fortress, Sauron will strike back even harder, with tougher enemies.

You’ll have to successfully defend all of your fortresses if you want to move on to the next phase of the endgame, so it will be an apparent constant series of thrusts and counter-thrusts between you and Sauron as you defend and attack one another’s fortresses. And, if you don’t take part in the Shadow of War endgame, you’ll likely not get the game’s “True ending”, which apparently ties directly into the main Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Hopefully, when the game comes out in October, the Middle-earth: Shadow of War endgame will be as good as Monolith is making it sound.