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For Honor Season 3 Update Arrives Tomorrow but Without Duel Tournaments

Just as previously announced, For Honor is right on track to receive the “Grudge and Glory” update tomorrow and start the new third season for the game. Unfortunately for the competitive crowd, the anticipated tournament features have been pushed back.

Last month, the developer introduced ranked play and the ability to host Duel Tournaments on the Public Test Server (PTS). The latter was supposed to hit live servers with the launch of the third season. However, a few issues were discovered recently that require fixing.

Posting on Reddit, the developer confirmed that it has already found a solution but the implementation will take some time.

“The good news is that we already have a fix in the testing stages, but the bad news is that we will need to delay release of the tournament feature until the fix has been finalized,” assures the developer.

If everything goes according to plan, For Honor should receive Duel Tournaments as early as next week. Ubisoft is currently waiting for confirmation on testing and certification before informing the community with a valid date.

Take note that only the competitive features are being delayed. The third season will commence tomorrow with a major update that introduces two new heroes. The Highlander (Hybrid) is a difficult-to-master, but hard-hitting Viking that can switch between two stances. The Gladiator (Assassin) is an easy-to-play Knight who boasts a high attack speed. In addition, the update brings two new maps, a legendary tier for gear, and nine new territories on the world map for players to take hold of.

The complete patch notes are already uploaded on the official website for you to go through.