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For Honor Season 3 Tournament Was Sadly Played With Game-Breaking Exploits

An official tournament held over the weekend to commemorate the start of the third season of For Honor only proved the dire and messy state of the game.

The community has always been active in timely reporting bugs, glitches, and exploits. Unfortunately, the issues have barely been touched by Ubisoft. This in itself is problematic but not to a higher degree, as some developers tend to wait before addressing multiple matters with a single update. However, it is a serious cause for concern when a developer hosts an important official tournament without even addressing game-breaking exploits.

During the recent For Honor tournament, players were free to make use of any advantage they could get in order to achieve victory. This included exploiting the game for its bugs right in the face of the developer.

“Unlock Tech” is an infamous technique in For Honor that allows certain attacks to be immune to parry. At the same time, depending on the timing, attacks can also be made faster or completely pass through the guard of the opponent. As it turned out, the person who won the entire tournament and bagged $10,000 in the process continuously abused the exploit over and over again.

When handing Jakub “Alernakin” Palen the trophy for his so called achievement, the creative director of the game playfully stated that he will have to change his play-style for the next tournament. The community was rightfully disgusted and disappointed.

The “Unlock Tech” has been common knowledge for months. Several other bugs were used during the tournament as well and the following post on Reddit compiles all of it. The issues were even brought up by Alernakin in the past. Hence, him exploiting the game was perhaps just telling Ubisoft to get its act together.

In short, the For Honor Season 3 tournament was a complete embarrassment for both the community and developer.