Destiny 2 Content Was Actually Greater Than Progression Could Get

A recent new interview with Bungie from Edge magazine actually revealed that the huge amount of Destiny 2 content that we’ll be getting actually outstripped how much players could progress at one point in development. Hopefully this means we’ll get a lot more content when the game finally releases September 6.

One of the chief criticisms about the original Destiny besides its fairly lackluster and confusing story was a perceived lack of content; players could go through the story mission, do strikes, run the raid, and play Crucible, but there was barely anything else to do at first aside from grind for better weapons and gear, even after Iron Banner and the Trials of Osiris became available.

While later expansions helped to alleviate this problem, adding in new things to do, new items to collect, and new exotics to hunt for, many people were still worried that there would be a similar situation with vanilla Destiny 2 content. Hopefully the interview with Edge will have them convinced otherwise.

For instance, players will now have a limited time to complete Nightfall missions, which varies via the Strike you play, so if you want to get the rewards at the end you had best progress through the mission quickly lest you run out of time and lose your loot. It’s also been mentioned that players will have locked loadouts for different missions.

The elemental shielding enemies are also back, but this time players have a bonus for using corresponding energy types on them; now, when their shield goes down, it will explode and deal area of effect damage to other enemies.

This and other bits of Destiny 2 content will all be available when the game releases for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6, and on the PC on October 10, so be on the lookout and hopefully Destiny 2 will be even better than the original.