Agents of Mayhem Vehicles Guide – How to Find Car Blueprints

Even though you can just steal vehicles from people in the city, the best vehicles in Agents of Mayhem will require blueprints. Even though the blueprints are randomly strewn over the city, this Agents of Mayhem Vehicles Guide will massively increase your chances of quickly finding the blueprints and getting the vehicles you need.

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Agents of Mayhem Vehicles Guide

In our Agents of Mayhem Vehicles Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the car blueprints in the game.

Agents of Mayhem Vehicles

How to Find Car Blueprints

There are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of finding blueprints across the city of Tokyo. They are available in different loot chests generated randomly in the play area.

First of all, make your way to the Requisitions of the Ark which is an area from where you can purchase different types of upgrades in exchange for cash. The two upgrades that are necessary to find blueprints are the one that allows you to scan a larger area and to see loot chests in an area you have scanned.

Once you have these upgrades, you can use the scan option to find missions, people, and loot chests. Explore the city and scan the areas to find the blueprints for the vehicles you desire, which should be much easier now that you have the upgrades mentioned above.

Acquiring Vehicles

The vehicles are in the Vehicle Bay of the Mayhem Ark. Once you have the blueprints, make your way to the area. This area is only unlocked after the first Hammersmith Boss fight so make sure you have completed that. In the Vehicle Bay, you can change your current vehicle, skins and unlock new vehicles.

To unlock your desired vehicle, simply select it and set it as your active vehicle. You can now call the vehicle wherever you are in the city. The vehicle will automatically drive up to where you are and you can get in.

Driving fancy vehicles is always fun and this Agents of Mayhem Vehicles Guide should enable you to very quickly find any vehicle of your choice. Have fun riding!