Agents of Mayhem Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast, XP Farming Tips

Whenever you unlock a new agent in Agents of Mayhem, you need to level it up from level 1. This Agents of Mayhem Leveling Guide will help you make that process faster and much less tedious. The agents are useless in later missions if they are still level 1 so leveling up efficiently is a skill that every player must learn to get the most out of unlocked agents.

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Agents of Mayhem Leveling Guide

In our Agents of Mayhem Leveling up Guide, we have touched upon some of the methods that you can employ to farm some easy XP and power level in the game.

Agents of Mayhem Leveling – How to Level Up Fast

Even though there are some upgrades which are Mayhem Wide, most of the upgrades must be purchased for each individual agent in the form of skills or ability upgrades. Here are some ways to speed up the process.

Agents of Mayhem XP Farming – Complete Contracts

A plethora of contracts are available in your Missions menu. Access the menu from the character menu and select contracts. Each of these contracts has sufficient rewards and you can also challenge someone else to complete them. Just select a contract that you can do on your own and earn that experience.

Agents of Mayhem XP Farming – Complete Side missions

There is an overabundance of side missions spread across the maps and in the missions area. These missions can be attempted at any point. They not only give you a set amount of experience for completing the mission, they also reward you for an assortment of other things such as collecting intel and killing enemies.

Agents of Mayhem XP Farming – Kill Targets of Opportunity

Targets of Opportunity travel around in armored vehicles with purple markers on them, they flee the moment you attack them. Killing them on its own does not yield a large reward, but the Legion Alert you get from killing them paves way for numerous opportunities to gain experience in the form of more enemies that you can kill.

Nearly everything you do in this game gets you experience one way or the other, but this Agents of Mayhem Leveling Guide provides you with the least time-consuming ways to get your Agents leveled up and ready for action!