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Metal Gear Survive Preview: A Pleasant Diversion Until the Next Metal Gear Solid Game

It is very rare for video game companies to divert from the path they have set for a franchise especially when the company we are talking about is as big as Konami and the franchise is as big as Metal Gear. When we say Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima comes to our minds automatically but since he is no more working with Konami and the Metal Gear franchise, the fate of the Metal Gear franchise is unknown at this point.

With Hideo Kojima gone, Konami has now made a new Metal Gear game but before you get excited, this is nothing like any Metal Gear game before.

The New Metal Gear game coming from Konami is Metal Gear Survive and it is all about zombies and survival. Konami has taken a bold new step with this new title and taken a completely new direction with the Metal Gear franchise. Metal Gear Survive takes us away from the traditional story-driven gameplay that was the essence of the Metal Gear franchise and takes us into a whole world where we strive for our survival.

Metal Gear Survive #1

Metal Gear Survive is basically a zombie survival game where we are thrown through a wormhole to an alternate universe where we need to survive the zombie apocalypse. The game will feature both single player campaign and online co-op campaigns but Konami’s emphasize is more inclined towards the co-op action where you play with friends and survive together.

We will be required to gather resourced, craft weapons and ammunition, make and fortify bases all while fending off the living dead. All this sounds fun plus Konami’s experience on shooting games such as Metal Gear franchise, Survive is bound to be a solid title just like any other Metal Gear games that came out in the past.

Under all the shiny visuals and new graphics, the soul of the game is similar to The Phantom Pain. You will have a base, which you will defend against the invading dead with traps and lures. You will also need to go out into the wild to collect parts, supplies, and completing different missions that will advance your world’s story.

Metal Gear Survive #2

Another thing, which is new in Survival, is that this time there is no pre-defined character whose story you need to follow. This time, there are no character classes around so you can create the character in any way that you would like it to be.

There are no classes, which means there are no class specific roles so your character can be anything that you mold him into. You can use any weapons that you find and items and your character will be shaped according to the weapons and items that you equip.

This is a completely new direction for Metal Gear but we are not saying that this is a bad direction. So far, the demos shown at the E3 both at 2016 and 2017 look promising with a lot of gameplay mechanics and feels coming straight out of Ground-Zeroes and the Phantom Pain. The game itself looks great and feels like a proper Zombie survival game. Konami is busy with finalizing the game at this point and they may add new features in the final version.

Currently, where the game stands, it looks like a stellar title capable of being called a Metal Gear game. If this works out of Konami, maybe we will see many games like Survive deviating from the traditional Metal Gear direction and exploring new worlds and genres.

Metal Gear Survive #3

We are excited for Survive and we cannot wait to play it, as the game looks amazing for a zombie-survival game. It is expected to be out in 2018 and will be priced less than a full game.

Are you excited about the upcoming Metal Gear Survive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!