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Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide – Deck Building Tips, Joining Guilds, Capturing Control Points

In this Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide, we will share some tips and strategies with the help of which you will totally own your competition. Titanfall Assault is a new MOBA by Respawn and focuses on card based battles. Build the ultimate deck, control those Hardpoints and destroy your enemies with this Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide.

We will tell you all about the important game mechanics and how you can utilize them properly for your benefit in this Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide.

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Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide

Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide details everything that you need to know about Titanfall Assault and how to win in the game.

Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies

Build the Ultimate Deck

Since this is a card battler, you will spend most of your time building your deck. You will unlock more and better cards as you play the game and win battles. While building your deck, you must keep a few things in your mind. First of all is that you must know what the cards are. Study the cards well and play around some practice matches to be acquainted with different card types. Get to know about the three card classes Pilot, Titan and Burn and how they work, the supply they require and also their strengths and weaknesses.

Once you are well aware of all the cards, you can build your deck. Another thing to keep in mind is that all cards cost you supply. Better cards cost more while some cheap cards are also there. It does not really mean that a cheap card is not good. Every card has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will know them when you play a few practice rounds. Never opt for very high cost cards that you will never use in the game. Always build a balanced costing deck.

This balance is not only for the cost. It is implies on the power and abilities of the cards. Your deck must be balanced all over and the cards must be diverse and not similar in functions to one and other. Keep a ranged, splash damage, tank, burn cards all sorts of cards handy so you can easily. Diverse deck makes sure that are ready to handle any sorts of situations thrown at you.

Last thing that you must keep in mind with your deck is that you can upgrade cards in your deck. Upgrades do not come cheap. So must only upgrade those cards that you think that you use the most. Always try the cards out before you start investing in them because if end up with the wrong cards, all your upgrade money will go to waste.

Focus on Hardpoints

Hardpoints are the control points in Titanfall Assault that you fight to control with enemies. Your focus during the battles must be these control points rather than the enemy’s base. Always try to control at least two control points right from the start of the battle so you can easily win the match. Try rushing to the nearest control point right at the start of the battle and then move on steadily to at least another control point. This way you will not lose the first one and might even succeed at securing another control point, which will give you a certain win.

Capturing these control points are not enough. After you manage to capture a control point, you must always defend it too. Use units with high health points to defend the control points so they stand their ground until you manage to go there with an offensive unit. Capturing, managing and defending the control points must be your top priority during the battles.


Just like other MOBA games, Titanfall Assault also has guilds and they give you extra challenges and rewards. We recommend that you join a good guild and try to complete as many challenges as possible so you earn guild exclusive rewards and sometimes you win new cards. So join a Guild and play the game socially.

This concludes our Titanfall Assault Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!