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Samsung Smart Tvs Can Stream Steam Games Now

Samsung Smart TV owners rejoice as gamers can now stream their favorite Steam games on their TVs without needing a Steam Link set-top box.

The steam Link app is finally out of beta and is available for download. Latest SAMSUNG TV owners, specifically, models from 2016 and 2017 will be able to utilize this app after updating their TV firmware to the latest versions.
The app will allow the user to remotely access PC games on steam.

Be aware though, if players are planning to stream beefy games that immensely tax the hardware, they’ll need a wired or high-quality network (at least 5GHz, according to Valve).

The Steam Link app will save Samsung Smart TV users the cost of getting a Link device to play steam games on their TV. The device is sold separately for $50. Old Samsung TVs may still need the device as the app will not be compatible with old firmware.

In addition to the app’s launch, steam has also announced that Link app is compatible with controllers like XBOX 360 wired and wireless, XBOX ONE wired and Logitech F510/F710, including Steam’s own gamepad.

During the testing period, while the app was in beta, testers were able to confirm that all of the mentioned controllers work fine. However, there is a brief issue that Rumble feedback if turned on, causes a lag spike on the game played.

The Link team is currently working on a fix and future updates hopefully will resolve this issue, along with adding any new features. Steam has not announced if the app will be compatible with other TVs and if so then when will those versions be released. Till then they’ll have to use the Steam Link device for 50$.

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