Razer Products Launch in Beautiful Mercury White and Gunmetal Grey Versions

Every product from the esteemed gaming manufacturer Razer has traditionally released in matte black, accentuated by a neon acid-green lighting. In recent years, the company’s color-changing RGB technology has allowed consumers to play around with the lighting aspect. However, the products themselves have mostly retained their gloomy tone.

In light of feedback from the community, Razer has taken steps to launch some of its most popular products in two new color schemes: Mercury White and Gunmetal Grey.

Currently, only four products are available in the new color schemes. These are the Blackwidow X Chroma mechanical keyboard, Kraken 7.1 gaming headset, Lancehead gaming mouse, and Invicta dual-surface mousepad with aluminum base. It goes without saying that the company is likely to expand that to include for products in the future.

Gaming enthusiasts now have the opportunity of making sure that their beloved peripherals match the color scheme of their tables and systems. Thankfully, the Mercury White and Gunmetal Grey versions do not come at a higher cost. They retain the same price tag as that of the standard black version.

Along with adding some variety to Razer’s lineup, the Gunmetal color in particular seems like it’ll match up quite nicely with the more professional gunmetal-colored version of the Razer Blade Stealth that the company launched this summer. At any rate, it’s nice to see that the company is continuing its efforts to offer more variety when it comes to making its products look less they run off of infusions of Mountain Dew.

This week, Razer also announced a new gaming accessory that acts as a miniature stand for players to rest their precious headphones on.