Prepare for Hong Kong, Operation Blood Orchid Confirmed for Rainbow Six Siege

The Rainbow Six Siege community has been starving for new content since February of this year. The dry spell is the result of Ubisoft pushing back its expansion plans in order to make room for Operation Health, an initiative targeted at addressing long-reported issues and laying a solid foundation for future features.

Following months of updates, the developer has announced that Operation Blood Orchid will finally release for Rainbow Six Siege at the end of the month. The new season will introduce two new operators from Hong Kong, and one operator from Poland. There is also a new multiplayer map in the mix, which appears to be set in a theme park of sorts.

Operation Blood Orchid is scheduled for release on August 29 for season pass holders. The rest will gain access a week later, on September 5. Details for the new content will arrive during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals at Gamescom 2017 on August 26.

Most recently, the Operation Health initiative advanced to “clean up” the game in various manners. This includes tackling inconsistent lighting in most maps and resource-hungry textures currently being used for the operators. Ubisoft is also bringing in dedicated servers for hosting both custom matches and Terrorist Hunt modes. In addition, the developer has partnered with Vivox to implement an improved integrated voice chat server for better voice clarity and lower usage of bandwidth.