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Intel Coffee Lake 8th Gen CPUs: Will They Be Worth The Upgrade For Gaming?

Intel Coffee Lake 8th Gen CPUs will be revealed on the 21st of August and while we are waiting, you must be wondering whether or not the Intel Coffee Lake series of CPUs will be worth the upgrade. If that is indeed the question in your mind then you have come to the right place as we are going to answer just that.

AMD Ryzen is an incredible platform and with the return of the underdog, Intel is seeing the lack of attention that they have been paying to the gaming market. AMD has catered to the mainstream market with extra cores and threads, something that Intel was not willing to offer but that will change with Intel Coffee Lake.

Going back a few years to 2011 we had the Intel 2500K as well as the 2600K. These CPUs offered 4 cores and that is the same as the 7600K and the 7700K which are CPUs that come out this year. In these 6 years, we have seen minor increases in clock speeds but nothing more. According to leaks, Intel Coffee Lake i5 CPUs will come with 6 cores instead of 4.

We know that games rarely make use of more than 4 cores but there are games that do. In the future we could get games that do take advantage of additional cores and seeing the direction that AMD has taken and Intel is now taking, I would not be surprised if more games started taking advantage of additional cores and threads.

While 6 cores is not something that we have not seen before, it has been so in the enthusiast line up CPUs but this is the first time that the 6 cores are coming to the mainstream series of CPUs. But do these additional cores do anything for gaming? Crisis 3 is a great example of a game that takes advantage of additional cores.

If you have played the game on a 6 core CPU then you know how much smoother the game runs when in graphically intensive scenes where the CPU is under greater load as compared to dual core and quad cores CPUs. Rise of the Tomb Raider is another title that takes advantage of additional cores.

This might not be game changing now, but there are advantages. Talking about the 4 core i5 current gen CPUs and the upcoming 6 core Intel Coffee Lake CPUs, I have to say that the added cores would account for a good upgrade provided that the price is right.

Looking at the specs of the current i5 CPUs and the upcoming i3 CPUs it seems that the current i5 CPUs will be the next gen i3 CPUs as the upcoming i3 CPUs will come with 4 cores. This is good news as the i5 CPUs here and now are great for gaming and provided that the price is right these upcoming i3 CPUs should be great for budget builders.

One thing to note here is that there will be no quad core CPU with hyper threading and that is a bummer as that formula has been working pretty well for Intel. The Intel 7700K is a great example of that. We will find out exact details regarding Intel Coffee Lake 8th Gen CPUs at the reveal.

let us know what you think about the Intel Coffee Lake CPUs and whether or not you are interested in buying one.