Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Are Good Our Headset Business: Turtle Beach

The Xbox One X will hit the market soon and will provide console gamers the ability to play games in 4K. It will be taking on the PS4 Pro but according to Turtle Beach CEO, both these consoles will help reduce the price of the PS4 and Xbox One X while adding to the headset business as a whole.

Turtle Beach’s CEO, Juergen Stark talked to investors in an earnings call and he talked about the potential that the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro has to offer the gaming market as a whole and the effects that these consoles will have on the market. These two consoles are important as they offer complete backward and forward compatibility.

These are reasonable statements and the console market and the headset market do indeed compliment each other. This can be the case in the future and indeed the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro can have these effects. According to Stark:

At holiday, PlayStation 4 Pro will have been in the market for about a year and the upcoming Xbox One X, I just mentioned, is announced to launch for the holiday selling season. It’s important to note that both console upgrades have backward compatibility. In fact, not only are they compatible with existing titles but because of the console’s update introduced by both Microsoft and Sony, older gen games made for the earlier versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will actually play better.

While the Xbox One X is an important upgrade as compared to the hardware in the Xbox One X. Some analysts have predicted that the high cost of the Xbox One X will be the downfall of the product but then again this will also encourage people to buy the current consoles in the market.

He also went on to say that:

While not accounted for in our outlook explicitly, we think new hardware launches could also boost sales, particularly because they enable lower pricing of the economy models of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Let us know what you think about this statement and whether or not you agree with this statement.