Xbox Live Creators Program Is Now Officially Live With A Handful Of Indie Games

Microsoft has been making a lot of changes to its policies regarding Xbox One and for the most part, these changes have actually paid off. Just recently, Microsoft opened the Insider Program to all users with flexible levels of access, and now Microsoft has officially launched the Xbox Live Creators program.

Xbox Live Creators program will allow developers access to a simpler environment compared to the Independent Developer Publishing Program before it. Developers will be able to create and self-publish their game on Xbox One using this program.

With this program, indie developers will be able to publish their games in the Creators Collection section of the digital store of Xbox. However, Creators Collection games will not have access to achievements, scores and multiplayer on Xbox LIVE.

The Creators Collection is a new section of the store on Xbox One featuring games produced and distributed by developers who used the Xbox Live Creators Program to build and ship their creations. On Windows 10 PCs, games from the Creators Program will be published among other PC games in the Windows Store.

In related news, Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of Xbox One X in November but, according to the industry analyst, the price for the console will be its downfall.

I’ll give you software you’re going to find that during the Holiday Season between Black Friday and Christmas. I promise you at least 5 days in that period you will be able to buy each console for $300 and free pieces of software. For $600 you can buy both consoles and two games, and for $500 you can buy an Xbox One X and no games and if you want to buy two games at least another 100 bucks so the value proposition is ONE CONSOLE TWO GAMES or TWO CONSOLE TWO GAMES.

It is good to see that big companies are looking out for small independent developers and we are hopeful that it will result in more exposure to small developers.

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Source: Xbox