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Several New Classic Stages Discovered for Street Fighter V, Sagat Could Return Next Year

Street Fighter V is apparently being prepared to officially see the return of several classic stages that were originally released decades ago.

A couple of days ago, renowned data miner X-Kira uncovered the falling barrel bonus stage hidden deep within the lines of code. It was originally released for Street Fighter II and returned with the last installment of Super Street Fighter IV.

Today, the data miner came across references for the original stages for two characters. “Lichtenstein Castle” for released for Cammy with Super Street Fighter II, while “Olmec Ruins” arrived for Urien with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Both stages will likely stick to the original theme, with a few additions and revamps in light of the capabilities of Street Fighter V.

In addition, several other stages have been discovered as well for other characters. There is “The Ring” for Rainbow Mika and “Nguuaho Palace” for F.A.N.G. There is also the special Capcom Wrestling Association (CWA) Ring that was unveiled with A Shadow Falls.

There is no word on when the new stages will arrive for Street Fighter V. There is still much time before the ongoing second season comes to a close. In that light, Capcom may released all of the aforementioned stages over the coming months.

Interestingly, data mining the game unearthed mentions for an “Ayutthaya Ruins” stage that is set in Thailand. According to X-Kira, the stage is scheduled to release with the start of the third season and could be an indication of the addition of Sagat to the roster.

Similar to last year, the developer is expected to announce the 2018 Character Pass for Street Fighter V at PlayStation Experience in December. The conclusion of the Capcom Pro Tour is always the time when we get to hear about upcoming new content.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the long-awaited Arcade mode might finally be heading our way.