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Polygon Video Producer Fired Over Allegations of Asking Woman for Nudes on Twitter

Nick Robinson, a longtime Polygon video producer, has been fired from Vox Media after a string of allegations that surfaced on Twitter recently. It all started with just one little Tweet. The accusations of unwanted sexual advances came in the wake of a recent Tweet from Robinson about a Nintendo Switch title called Overcooked.

Robinson was being pretty over critical of the game which was noticed by a number of different viewers, who asked him to be less of a “dick” about it. A woman later replied by saying that “may be Nick would have time to help Overcooked devs out if he wasn’t in every woman in games’ DMs all the time.”

The Tweet sparked a chain of reactions from other women who accused him of being overly flirtatious as well as asking for nudes. He allegedly went as far as asking a woman to “blow him.”

Vox Media kicked off an internal investigation which led to Robison being fired from his position at Polygon. Not only this, but his reputation within the gaming industry took a major hit.

Polygon is the same website that went after Kinda Funny Games’ Colin Moriarity over a joke on Twitter. The website ran news stories and painted Moriarity as “sexist, bigot,” and what not. It is interesting to see how the website is so far silent, not writing a single word to explain the situation so far.

Meanwhile, Robinson himself later released a statement admitting his behavior and apologizing to his fans, and anyone who he made uncomfortable on Twitter. It seems being in a “position of power” got to his head.

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility.