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Madden NFL 18’s Connected Franchise Mode Brings New Changes To Games

With the next Madden game getting closer and closer, EA Sports has started to outline Madden NFL 18’s Connected Franchise Mode, which will change some of the things that players found disagreeable about previous games, along with various quality of life improvements that will help improve the gaming experience for them.

To start off with, we have the various improvements the game has made to the drafting system, where you get players at the start of the season. Firstly, there’s a customizable draft board that you can drag and drop from. If you decide you don’t want to do the drafting manually, the computer will do it.

Its decisions will be based on your draft board, it won’t pick too many players, and will take a cooldown into consideration. Players will also get more high-quality draft prospects, and will have more awareness for wide receiver prospects.

Along with a better draft system, you will often find it harder to trade for rookies that are still in the first years of their contracts to other teams, while free agents are more choosey about accepting contracts, especially when you’re bidding low as the only team. When it comes to retirements, good quarterbacks will now retire “when they deserve it”, meaning Tom Brady won’t retire after a single season anymore.

Other parts of Madden NFL 18’s Connected Franchise mode will make it so that injuries don’t pop up as much, pre-season team makeups have had changes, experience point progression has been changed, player stat regression isn’t as severe due to age, and players can now relocate to Las Vegas or San Diego if they want to (though Los Angeles has been removed.) More contextual commentary has also been added.

To see how Madden NFL 18’s Connected Franchise Mode brings new changes for yourself, you can buy Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on August 25.