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In-Game Glitch Gets PUBG Streamer Banned

The banhammer in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been pretty active recently as another popular PUBG streamer, Destiny, got banned from the game for exploiting a glitch whether intentional or not.

In Destiny’s case, the banhammer struck the PUBG streamer while he was live streaming and ran over some unsuspecting enemies with his vehicle. Although running people over isn’t a bannable offense and is actually a valid strategy in the game, the way he ran those people over was questionable.

In this specific instance, the people he ran over shouldn’t actually have been vulnerable as they were inside houses. However, since the game is in early access and glitches are to be expected, their buildings did not render properly for Destiny and not only could he clearly see the enemies inside but could also pass through the buildings which resulted in him mowing down those poor players.

While the PUBG streamer didn’t receive a permanent ban and it was only a temporary suspension, it is sad to see Bluehole taking such a hard stance on issues that are from their side and not in any way the fault of the players. Of course, an argument can be made that Destiny should have just played like a gentleman and not exploited the glitch.

In fact, Bluehole Studios actually advises players to report such bugs and glitches they encounter as soon as possible instead of exploiting them, after all, if such issues aren’t patched quickly, the game’s health will suffer and despite the game’s insane popularity and growth, the community can actually start leaving.

This isn’t the first time a popular PUBG streamer has been banned for going against the rules of the game. Recently, another high profile player Dr.Disrespect also received a ban for teamkilling a random player he had paired up with by signing on for Squads matchmaking.