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Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne Now Available

Following several weeks of teasers and reveals, Blizzard has officially released the new Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion pack for Hearthstone.

The theme explores an alternative branch in the lore where Arthas, the Lich King, managed to defeat the heroes of Warcraft at the grand battle at Icecrown Citadel. Using the cursed powers of Frostmourne, our beloved heroes have arisen from the dead as Death Knights to serve the will of the Scourge lord.

Knights of the Frozen Throne introduces a new gameplay mechanic to Hearthstone. Every playable class in the game can be replaced with a Death Knight version by playing the respective legendary hero card. These come with high mana costs but grant armor in return, as well as modified abilities and new hero powers. You can preview all the nine legendary hero cards here.

Hearthstone is also finally recognizing Lifesteal as a new keyword. A number of minions and spells can use the new trait to leech health from the board. In fact, it is possible to even construct entire decks around Lifesteal in the new expansion pack.

In addition, solo adventures have returned. The Battle for Icecrown is free for everyone. It includes a prologue and two wings with three bosses each. In the end, players must face the Lich King himself in a grand showdown. Completing the prologue mission will reward players with a free random legendary hero card, while surviving the remaining wings will net a single Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack each. Note that only the first four solo adventures will be available at launch. The rest will arrive over the next couple of weeks.

Knights of the Frozen Throne features 135 new cards. The “soul-devouring” Frostmourne card back that you might come across was exclusive to those who pre-ordered the expansion pack.