Future Dragon Age Games Are Two Ahead, No Planned Ending Yet

Fans of one of BioWare’s biggest series can look forward to seeing future Dragon Age games from that series for a good time to come, according to director Mike Laidlaw, who said as much on his Twitter page. The series’s most recent adventure was Dragon Age: Inquisition, which came out back in 2014.

Dragon Age Inquisition had its final DLC, the “Trespasser” DLC, appear to be building up to a climax for the series (spoilers beyond this point), as your longtime party character Solas was revealed to be the fallen elf god Fen’Harel, who planned to merge the real world with the immaterial Fade and restore the elves to their former glory, which he said much of the world’s current population wouldn’t survive.

Whatever future Dragon Age games end up being, they will most likely wrap up the plot with Solas in the next one and then move on to some other enormous crisis in the game afterwards.

Laidlaw says that there was never a planned ending for Dragon Age, and that the franchise runs on an evolving plan that constantly runs two games ahead of the current game. So, until BioWare decides to stop the series, we’ll have a lot of adventures left to play in Thedas.

Of course, there’s also the matter of what other ideas will come from that evolving plan. If another Blight ever comes up like in the first game, or the Qunari invade Thedas for real (and not just like Dragon Age 2 where they occupy a single city), or anything else that might occur in the meantime.

Hopefully, since BioWare’s been dropping hints about a new Dragon Age game for several years now, future Dragon Age games will be announced at some point in the near future, maybe at the next E3 or sometime earlier.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see where our adventures take us next.