First Two Episodes Released for The King of Fighters: Destiny Animated Series

Earlier this year, SNK announced a new computer-generated animated series called The King of Fighters: Destiny that would be faithful to the franchise.

The idea was to revive the fighting brand in more ways than one. A premier was slated to take place in China this summer, with a release happening for Japan soon after. In all honesty, the plans seemed dubious and there was much speculation over the content. However, the first two episodes were released earlier today and they are definitely worth watching.

The first episode “South Town” sees Kyo Kusanagi, the main protagonist, arriving for the latest tournament and brawling with the poster child of the franchise, Terry Bogard. The second episode “Kyokugen Style” then follows Kyo Kusanagi as he and his friends make way for the Geese Tower, where they fight against Billy Kane, the personal guard of the main antagonist.

The quality of animation is a subject of debate among fans. Some have tagged it as better than expected, while others have expressed disappointment. However, everyone agrees that the animated series pays homage to the franchise in true fashion. That aspect alone makes this a must-watch for any person who spent all that time on those arcade machines decades back.

The King of Fighters: Destiny will feature a total of twenty-four episodes. They will all be voiced in Japanese, and feature English subtitles.

In somehow related news, Nintendo added King of Fighters 99 back in March to the library of games for the Switch. The game is available for $7.99 or your regional equivalent from the Nintendo eShop.