FIFA 18 Soundtrack Leaked By Someone, It’s Actually Pretty Good

Leaks are nothing new when it comes to video game information, and now the FIFA 18 soundtrack is no exception. Some anonymous gamer that was able to get access to the music that will be in the game has leaked parts of the soundtrack onto the FIFA 18 subreddit on Reddit through the beta.

The various artists that were in the leaked tracks are groups like the Perfume Genius, The XX, Teme Tan, The Amazons, Slowdive, Tash Sultana, Mondo Cozmo, and Off Bloom, most of them relatively obscure artists. However, even with the leak we haven’t seen every song, and there’s going to be a lot of different bands that have their work in the game.

In order to find FIFA-like music that would be suitable for the game, EA sent out a number of scouts to talk to various bands that wanted to be a part of the game’s soundtrack. Considering how popular the franchise is, any group that gets their music put into the game as part of its soundtrack could experience a big boost in music sales from gamers that like their sound.

To EA Sports and the team that decides what music makes it into the FIFA 18 soundtrack, the music has to be as FIFA-like as possible. While the FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events in the world, often allows teams from the participating nations to show off their culture through their national anthems and fans, and thus have a lot of different sorts of music, FIFA music is different.

For a song to be FIFA-like, according to EA Sports Senior Music Supervisor Cybele Pettus, it has to be globally rhythmic, consistently surprising, and decidedly ahead of the curve. While this may sound vague, the FIFA music team does have a good idea of what they look for.

You’ll be able to see examples of the FIFA 18 soundtrack when the game releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29.