FIFA 18 Crowd Physics And Reactions Will Be Improved When Game Releases

One of the most important parts of a sports game is how the crowd reacts to various happenings on the field, and FIFA 18 crowd physics are apparently going to be some of the best yet in the series. Not only will the crowd react to the game, they’ll also interact with the players.

Considering how FIFA crowds normally are in real life, however, it’s likely that the interactions are going to be about the good side of the sport, rather than the less savory side. Fans from opposing teams or troublemakers in the stands have often shouted racist abuse or flung things at other players, ranging from trash to homemade bombs.

Thankfully for the sake of fun the FIFA 18 crowd physics likely won’t have a similar problem. Instead, the crowds in the game will cheer and freak out in reaction to various plays and goals, with camera shots showing them celebrating. Crowd models close to the field may also bunch up closer to players as they celebrate goals. Players can also run up to fans in the crowd and engage in a group hug.

In addition to new player and crowd reactions, there are also a number of other elements that will help the games to feel more immersive. Stray trash will be left on the pitch, player banners will be hung from the stands, team logos will be displayed on the pitch, and most importantly (especially in real life) an ambulance will be visible on the side of the field in case of players being injured.

You’ll get to see all of the FIFA 18 crowd physics in a great deal of detail while playing FIFA 18, considering the multitude of different fields and stadiums you’ll be playing at, and all of the fans that will be there watching. FIFA 18 will be coming out on September 29 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.