Valve’s Artifact: The Dota Card Game Everything You Need To Know

Valve’s Artifact: The Dota Card game was recently announced by Valve. With valve only releasing a teaser trailer for Valve’s Artifact, not much is known about the game so here we will be summarizing everything we know about the game from its release date to its beta and everything in between. So if you have any questions about the game then it should be answered in here.

Not much is known about the game as Valve has been very tight lipped about Valves’ Artifact. For some, this game would come as a disappointment but, the bolstering community of Dota 2 should be optimistic about the game. Valve’s Artifact is a digital trading card game much like the Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone.

Let’s start with what the game actually is. Valve’s Artifact is a Dota 2 themed card game and from the sounds of it, it seems that Valve might be trying to recreate Dota 2 in a 1v1 card game. According to International 2017 host Sean “Day9” Plott, “anything you see in Dota” it’s in Valve’s Artifact.

As for how the game will play, well Valve’s Artifact game will be similar to other card games in terms of creatures and spells and at the same time, the game will be doing things a lot differently. Players will control five heroes and these heroes will be based on the heroes in Dota 2.

Players will deploy Heroes on three different boards representing the lanes of the map. Heroes will have abilities that players can take advantage of and these abilities will be similar to that of in Dota 2 and players will be able to move heroes from lane to lane.

If players manage to kill enemy heroes and creeps then they will be rewarded with gold which players can spend to buy “item cards” which players can equip to heroes. Furthermore, some cards can have persistent effects on the lanes too.

Will There Be A Beta
Valve has not yet announced if there is going to be any beta for Valve’s Artifact but, we would not be surprised if Valve holds some kind of public testing for the game before it comes out. Also, Valve has a history of holding a beta for its titles in the past so we are hopeful that there will be a beta for the game given that every major card game released in recent years had closed and public betas.

Release Date
Currently, no concrete release date has been announced by Valve for the game but, we do know that the game will launch sometime in 2018 but, we will have to wait almost 6-12 months for Valve to announce the release date for Valve’s Artifact.

Valve has not announced for which platforms Valve’s Artifact will be launching for but, we are pretty much certain it will come to PC. However, since Valve is making efforts to Steam better for mobile devices the game might also end up on mobile devices too. But, until Valve officially announces we can only guess.

This is everything we know so far about Valve’s Artifact. For more coverage on the game keep checking back at SegmentNext.