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Art of Conquest Resource Farming Guide – Basic Resources, Rare Resources, Honor

The Art of Conquest Resource Farming Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about different resources and farming them.

Gathering and managing resources in Art of Conquest is a crucial component of the gameplay experience. From the very onset of the game, try to keep a healthy supply of resources that should help you in the late game, in the base expansion, and in building your stronghold.

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that all the resources go into the Warehouse. Therefore, it is paramount that you defend your Warehouse against enemy units who will always try to breach it and steal your hard-earned resources in the game.

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Art of Conquest Resource Farming Guide

In our Art of Conquest Resource Farming Guide, we have discussed some ways using which you should easily be able to farm plenty of resources in the least possible amount of time.

Art of Conquest Resource Farming

Art of Conquest Main Resources

When it comes to resources in Art of Conquest, you have Wood, Mana, and Gold as your main resources that you can find scattered all across the map and inside your stronghold. Once accumulated, you can use the Gold and Wood in order to upgrade different structures in your stronghold as well as technology. Battlemages and heroes like Avril require Mana to be effective on the battlefield.

Art of Conquest Rare Resources

Now that we are done with the basic resources, let us talk about some rare ones such as Blood Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystal. When it comes to gathering these rare resources, you can find them on the map outside your stronghold; steal them from other players, and by intercepting their caravans.

Art of Conquest Honor

One final resource that you need to know about is Honor. You need Honor in Art of Conquest in order to change race, build new race-specific structures, and even recruit new units. In order to farm Honor, you need to kill creatures in the wild or by intercepting the caravans of other players.

During the course of the game, you will come across different Lumber Mills that provide resources. However, you must transport these resources back to the stronghold via carts. One important thing that you need to bear in mind is that the carts are vulnerable and you must protect with escorts.

This is all we have in our Art of Conquest Resource Farming Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!