AMD RX Vega Date Pushed Forwards a Few Days

AMD’s RX Vega 56 review date has been pushed forward by AMD till 14th August. But the plan to launch Vega 56 still is for September. AMD’s new strategy is to prioritize coverage of Vega 56 GPUs over Vega 64.

This indicates that AMD has plans to make the maximum impact in their product positioning strategy and from the leaked benchmarks we are safe to assume that RX Vega 56 will better compete with the GTX 1070 in the 400$ price range. The Vega 64, on the other hand, will compete with the GTX 1080.

Gamers anticipating Vega 64 will have to wait for the card reviews to release. AMD has advised reviewers to focus on the performance of Vega 56 GPU in gaming over Vega 64. According to the leaked benchmarks, the card has been released to the reviewers today. The unboxing embargo for Vega 56 and Vega 64 will lift on 12th August.

The embargo on performance review will be lifted on 14th August. The leaked benchmarks for Vega 56 show 20-30% improvement in FPS at peak gaming loads compared to a GTX 1070.

AMD also specified a few facts that reviewers are not allowed to discuss the thermal compound efficacy of the HIS. Secondly, the box given to the reviewers is slightly changed from the final outlook of the retail launch. VEGA 56 is to be launched on August 28th.

Seems like Vega 64 retail launch will be delayed. Perhaps it is for the greater good.

Maybe AMD is planning on increasing the number of Vega 64 units produced such that gamers don’t end up paying 20-30% inflated price for the short supply of the product. As per the trend has become from the miners grabbing most of the available stocks. What do you think about the whole positioning step and the delay of Vega 64s? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gamer’s Nexus