Xbox One Insider Program Now Open To All Users With Flexible Levels Of Access

Microsoft rolls out insider updates for Xbox One before it releases to the public to get feedback. While the insider program was pretty much closed, now Microsoft has announced that anyone can be part of Xbox One Insider program, however, there are some conditions and flexible levels of access.

According to Microsoft, anyone who is signed up with Xbox One Insider program will be able to try out insider updates before they get released and is return the users are required to give feedback regarding their experience with the update. The feedback can be given through the insider app.

Microsoft has noted that there are four levels of access in the Xbox One Insider program and these levels unlock depending on how long the user has been part of the Xbox One Insider program and how often he/she provides feedback. Giving feedback will grant Insider app XP to increase the levels.

The most basic level of access in the is program is “Omega” which is available to everyone who signs up for the program. The highest level of access is “Alpha” are to get to that level users will have to be picked by Microsoft from a pool of users who have been in the program for over three months and has offered the most feedback.

As for the flexible levels of access, users will be able to choose which level of access they want for their console.

If users have multiple consoles then they will be able to choose separate levels of access for each of the console. Meaning if you have two Xbox One, then both can have a different level of access.

What do you think of this change in the Xbox One Insider program? Do you think it will help in a better quality of updates for Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Xbox