Turretz Tips and Strategies Guide – Best Upgrades, Weapons, Combat Tips

In this Turretz Tips and Strategies Guide, we will be giving you some tricks and tricks on how to win in Turretz. Turretz is a challenging game and has a steep learning curve but with the help of this Turretz Tips and Strategies Guide, you will easily destroy all the enemies and defend your planet easily.

Our tricks and strategies will make sure that you keep your cool during the intense battles and do not let your planet to be overrun by the enemy ships.

Turretz Tips and Strategies Guide

Turretz Tips and Strategies Guide details everything that you need to know in order to defend your planet against attacking enemies and making sure it survives as long as possible.

Turretz Tips and Strategies

Never Stop Upgrading

One of the key survival aspects in Turretz is to keep on upgrading. You can upgrade your turrets, planet and the moon. Upgrading turrets make sure that they are dealing the maximum damage to the enemy because as the game progresses, you will encounter more and much tougher enemies.

To make sure your turrets are ready to handle them, you must upgrade the turrets. Upgrading turrets are also cheaper than buying new ones. It goes without saying that you must keep buying new turrets and cover your whole planet with them before you actually start upgrading turrets. Buying new will make sure that you are covering as much ground as possible while upgrading makes sure that you are dealing the maximum damage to the enemy.

While upgrading it is not only the turret that you should focus upgrading on. You must upgrade your planet and the moon too. The moon orbits your planet and destroys enemies by hitting them continuously. Upgrading also increases the health, which makes sure that your planet is not destroyed easily.

Keep Enemies at a Distance

Later in the game, a number of enemies on the screen becomes very large. They come in swarms and they will try to surround you from all sides. In such situations, you might retreat towards a corner and if such a thing happens, you will be doomed.

Never allow them to corner you or surround you completely. Destroy them as soon as possible, if your turrets are taking a long time destroying enemies then upgrade them. You need to keep them at a safe distance.

Fill your Weapon Slots Quickly

The game gives you eight turret slots. Your first focus should be to completely fill it and then after it is done, start upgrading weapons. This is very important because the enemies come from all directions and having all eight turrets on the planet means that you are covering the maximum area so you can attack the enemies easily without much problem. The game is very generous when it comes to awarding coins so you must fill all eight slots of the weapons as soon as possible.

Using Coin Booster

After each run, when the game is showing you the coins etc earned, you can watch an ad to increase a number of coins that you got by showing a simple video. This is a very easy way of earning more money easily without doing anything except sitting through the ad video.

Choose Weapons Wisely

The weapons you choose have a big impact on how effective they will be in defending your base. Most of the weapons in the game are good but some are even better. Try using the Basic Turret, Laser, and the Slash Turret as much as you can because they may look simple but they are actually quite good in handling different extra tasks while dealing damage such a focus fire or splash damage.

You must choose the most effective weapons to build around the planet because only eight slots are present and you will most probably use these eight turrets for the entire run if you survive.

This concludes our Turretz Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!