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Was the Tec-9 Really Nerfed in Counter-Strike This Week?

The semi-automatic Tec-9 pistol has for long been a fairly popular pick by the Terrorists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Its accurate rapid fire and acceptable damage, taking down even armored opponents with a single headshot, is why you see it always being wielded by professional players.

However, a new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this week adjusted the weapon for balance. On the surface, the drastic changes do appear as major nerfs. It is why most from the community have been vocal in the past couple of days about Valve doing an underwhelming job of tweaking weapons. Then there are those who have highlighted that the Tec-9 pistol now requires more skill to operate, an aspect that is always loved by the competitive players.

The Tec-9 has been adjusted to emphasize aiming while retaining the weapon’s high mobility. The current changes include:

  • Slightly improved accuracy when taking a single shot
  • Significantly reduced accuracy when firing rapidly
  • Magazine and reserve ammo reduced to 18 and 90, respectively

The new version of the weapon sees a reduction to accuracy when fired rapidly. On the other hand, the accuracy for single-shots has been significantly improved. The magazine and ammunition count has also been dialled back from 24 to 18 and 120 to 90 respectively.

The update makes it almost impossible for players to rely on running-and-gunning with a Tec-9. The weapon should no longer be seen for its rapid firing capabilities. Previously, almost everyone relied on them during economy rounds and spammed fire on enemy targets. This proved rather overwhelming at choke points or if the enemy team had misaligned themselves into bad positions.

It is normal for players to still rapid fire with the Tec-9 out of habit. The reduced accuracy will only lead to frustration. They must now consciously tap the weapon for single-shots, and lay greater emphasis on their aim.

The good thing about the update, and something many are ignoring, is that the Tec-9 is still a good option if the player single-taps while running. Doing the same while standing only makes the weapon more beastly. Valve has only taken away the spamming aspect of the pistol from the Terrorists.