Sisoft Sandra Scores Show the True Power of AMD Threadripper

Recently leaked Sisoft Sandra scores of AMD Threadripper 1920X shows the power of processing in its full glory. This would also be the last leak to surface considering the launch will commence in a few hours.

1920X was tested on an ASUS Zenith Extreme chipset and the Sisoft Sandra benchmarks gave incredible results. The processor was tested in three different areas: Arithmetic, where it scored 318.58 GOPs, Multi-Media 670.91 MPix/s and Cryptography score 30.11 GB/s.

In all the tests the processor clearly out-performed the Intel’s 1000$ i7-7900X CPU. 1920Xs runs with 12 cores and 24 threads with a 3.5GHz base clock and 180W TDP.

1920X’s score of 318.58 GOPs in arithmetic computations is considered as the 12th best score of all times. The only that was able to achieve these scores till last gen was Intel’s Xeon E5-2690 v4.

A 14 core / 28 Thread processor being sold for a whopping 2099 USD. Therefore AMD has revolutionized the price value market by providing us with a processor that costs less than half of the Xeon (800$ v 2100$) and costs 200$ less than Intel’s 7900X and performs better.

Bear in mind that commercial solutions and high-end enthusiasts will only be able to utilize the potential performance of these processors.

For the price, AMD is offering commercial users with a solution that previously cost enterprise level budgets and finances. These processor’s with powerful specs and savvy prices are designed to enhance all sorts of commercial and business productivities, primarily. Sisoft Sandra benchmarks in Arithmetic and

Multi-media is directly relatable to real life workloads and multi-tasking IO requests processed by the CPU.
AMD has ensured to the high-end desktop market stays within the affordable price range of business to enhance their productivity and indirectly molded Intel’s pricing strategies for their upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs.

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