Should Lawbreakers Go Back to Being Free to Play?

Lawbreakers released a couple of days ago and the handful of publications that reviewed the game are liking what they played. The game is unique and stands its own ground but unfortunately, there aren’t enough players in-game.

With all time peak of little over 7K players, at the time of this writing, there are 1200+ players in the game. It is pretty much on the same lines as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare that crashed and burned. However, while Infinite Warfare failed due to its outdated gameplay design, Lawbreakers’ saving grace is its gameplay design.

Still, for some reason publications never gave it enough coverage. Only a handful reviewed it. Meanwhile, part of the community is hating it without even giving it a try. The good news is that Steam reviews are very positive. Still, more asses need to be on the seats playing this game.

Which makes one wonder, was the title better off as an F2P game? Originally it was announced as a free to play game but later down the line of its development, Boss Key announced changes to its monetization plans and placed a $30 price tag.

Lawbreakers’ original pitch gained plenty of attention and positive reception from the community. However, there was some backlash when changes were announced. Going back to a free to play model would mean a boost in the player base. But seeing how it turned out for Evolve, we do not recommend that.

Evolve was a disaster from the start and things didn’t improve even after it went free to play. Lawbreakers need to reach more people and the marketing team needs to come up with a plan to attract more audience. They have a quality product they can build on.