Shinji Mikami: Evil Within 2 Gameplay Will Be Multi-Ended, No Forced Stealth Or Combat

According to Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Evil Within series that will have a sequel coming this October, the Evil Within 2 gameplay will be fairly different from the original Evil Within game, such as there being no forced stealth or combat sections; instead, players will be able to take different approaches.

One of the main criticisms of The Evil Within, aside from the large amount of technical glitches and bugs that led to numerous crashes, was the game’s difficulty; in a game where health was often in short supply and which had a number of enemies that would kill you immediately if they touched you, players were often forced either into stealth sections or unavoidable combat areas.

According to Mikami, the Evil Within 2 gameplay will be much different, allowing players to make it through the game’s sections in a variety of ways. He has also said that there will no longer be forced stealth or combat sections, meaning that you can take any sort of approach that you want.

The main focus of the game will, instead, be on the narrative. The Evil Within 2 focuses on Sebastian Castellanos’s past, especially his daughter Lily, who he believes perished in a house fire several years before the start of the original game. However, Lily is alive, and Sebastian must now once again brave the horrific mental world of the STEM in order to get her back.

Considering that the original Evil Within game got criticized for its narrative, which many people found confusing or anticlimactic with how plot threads would be built up only to suddenly end with no real payoff.

Hopefully with this new information about The Evil Within 2 gameplay, Shinji Mikami and the folks at Tango Gameworks can make The Evil Within 2 everything that the original game should have been.