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Operation Health Lists More Goals for Rainbow Six Siege, Nears Final Stage

Operation Health is reaching its final stages for Rainbow Six Siege, and will conclude with the core title update for the ongoing third season.

Posting on the official website, Ubisoft noted that the goal of the initiative is to “provide a more stable foundation to build the future” of the game. In that light, the community is likely to notice some of the improvements that have been pushed so far. However, others will remain to support upcoming features.

The developer has listed three more aspects of Rainbow Six Siege that will be addressed in the remainder of Operation Health.

Upgraded Servers
These servers have improved hardware over the servers that are currently in use, allowing for a smoother overall gameplay experience. The extent of these improvements will range from hit registration, and desyncs, to overall latency. While we are excited for you to test this new technology on the TTS, the final deployment date cannot be determined prior to data collection from these tests.

Peer to Peer Removal
We will be removing Peer to Peer voice and party features from the game in the future. This means that you will have an easier time connecting to your friends and forming parties, as well as a more fluid VOIP experience to facilitate communication with your teammates.
To avoid any misconceptions, all Ranked, Casual, and some Custom Matches are currently hosted on dedicated servers. Peer to Peer removal is not related to the hosting of the actual matches.

LAN Mode on PlayStation 4
Call your friends (if they live near you (if you have any)), LAN mode is coming to the PlayStation 4! This is targeted for Season 3.

Rainbow Six Siege will receive a new update today that brings a number of fixes and improvements. This includes a nasty glitch that allowed Valkyrie to place Black Eye Cameras in a location that provides full visibility of the entire Bank map.